"Fresh of Life" is a brand under the ownership of Ranre International Pvt. Ltd., engaged in manufacture of Organic Coconut Products, healthy Organic Spices and Organic Dried Fruits, which are exported to many parts of the globe. For our Organic Coconut Products, the coconuts are plucked from the finest coconut estates of Sri Lanka where the best quality of coconuts are found. These coconut estates are known as the ‘Coconut Triangle’ of Sri Lanka. With the implementation of international standards fully monitored under Ranre International Private Limited Company, we have now approached the Export Market in Organic Coconut Products, Organic Spices and Organic Dried Fruits.

In 2007, Ranre International Pvt. Ltd. was founded as a trading company based in Ganemulla, Gampaha. Initially, the company worked in collaboration with a Chinese manufacturing company after which it obtained their agency and started importing packaging related items and promotional items to the valued customers.

At the beginning, our main clients were among the leading tea packaging companies in Sri Lanka and we prioritised to their request and started importing high quality packaging with competitive prices.

In 2012, we relocated our business location to Kelaniya, with the view of further expansions. With that, we could comprehend to the glass bottle industry in Sri Lanka and as a result we could supply glass bottles for leading distillery companies in Sri Lanka.

Today, trending in markets globally, we are now reaching out to provide the best nourishing experience to all the customers through our products with the brand named Fresh of Life.


Our Vision

To be the world’s premier brand that strives to give nutritious and superior quality food for healthy living.


Our Mission

Providing high quality eco organic Health Foods to consumers who are fast getting aware of using eco friendly products in their daily food consumption using products that comply with International Organic Standards and products.